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Welcome to Fat Girl Club. I am Grace, I am a graphic designer, illustrator and blogger. I enjoy drawing, designing, social media and spending time with my family. I started this project to create a place for me to express my frustrations regarding being fat and the mainstream media.


Meet Grace

The Fat Girl Club is my blog for anyone, whatsoever. What is the sole criterion? Kindness

I’ve felt like I’ve had to hide from the world my entire life because I’ve been overweight. I frequently imagine myself as a beast, a gargoyle that shouldn’t exist. I wasn’t bullied as much as I was overlooked, which didn’t bother me because I had (and still have) a terrific set of friends who were all pretty much in the same boat as me. I struggled with uneasiness after insecurity, uncertainty and doubt, just like so many of you have.

I’m embarking on a path of health, love, and happiness after years of self-doubt. This will not be about weight reduction, diets, or any other nonsense; instead, I want to share my life and, in the process, create something to be proud of.

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Outfit of the Day

Here are a select few of my outfits that I have worn for work or in general.

Laid Back Office Wear

Snake Skin Autumn

Warm & Toasty Jumper Day

Grey Sprinkle Vibes


There is nothing I like more than trying and exploring new products. I will review anything (within reason) and would love any suggestion you have.

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The Totemic Palette

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My Love, Killian

I wasn’t going to do a lovey dovey section; as myself and Killian are not the type to PDA everywhere, but a huge part of my confidence boost has been because this strange human loves me and thinks I am alright! So cheers mate (He hates me saying mate 😂)

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Fat Girl Club is all about reclaiming the word FAT! Here are the latest blogs from a thunder thighed female with an attitude! 

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The Random Ramblings of a Rumbly RamblerDear FGC Dairy, Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve done one of these. I really imagined that I would get more into this blogging malarky as it is something I love to do. Life though! Doesn’t it just strip away your time?...